As a community sports club ISC realises the value of sport in helping to change people’s lives. Not only does sport keep people physically healthy but it’s values and discipline helps develop the strength and skills to succeed and do better in all aspects of life from personal relationships to employment prospects.

If they wish all our members have the opportunity to become involved in developing and assisting our club from the age of thirteen by the clubs involvement in the Suffolk Sports Top Leader program and then training as a basic skills coach or assistant coach to  help deliver GoSk8 our learn to skate program. 

If they wish after this they can develop their skills further as a coach or assistant coach of one of our competitive skating disciplines.

As part of out coach development program ISC offers to any of our members the opportunity to gain qualifications at level one, two and three offered by Sports Leaders UK. Subject to agreement no person involved with the program will bear any of the cost for his or her training.

These qualifications are internationally recognised and on the QCA framework for leadership in sport.

Although some of these awards are offered to their students by schools Ipswich Skating Club is the only skating club in the country at present that can deliver these programs and has had its basic skills program accepted for their delivery.

If any other skating club would like to introduce a program similar to ours we would be more than happy to help them to do so.