Child Friendly Privacy Policy

For parents or guardians. This is a child friendly summary of our privacy policy and is written in a way for them to understand. It is not meant to be a substitute for our full privacy policy which you can find here.

What is this?
This is where you find out what information we collect, why it’s collected and how we keep it safe. It might sound boring but this is all about you.

You can read more below (or get an adult to help you read it) but here are six quick things you should know:

  1. The law lets us get and use your information to help us let you skate.
  2. We do everything we can to help keep your information safe.
  3. We might share your information with other people (like the police if they need our help to investigate a crime), but only when we must.
  4. We will ask for your permission to share your information whenever you have a choice.
  5. You can tell us not to share your information, even when you have said yes before.
  6. You and your parent or guardian have the right to look at, change, correct or delete information about you that we hold. Just ask your parent or guardian to contact us to do this.

Who we are?
We are Ipswich skating club (ISC) and we teach you to skate .

What information do we keep about you and why?
We ask for information about you like:

  • your name so we know who you are;
  • your age so we can make sure you are at the right skating sessions; and
  • your parent or guardians contact details like their email address, phone number and address so we can contact them if we need to about skating sessions.

We want to make our website the best it can be for you so if you use a mobile phone or computer to access our website, we will also collect some technical information about your device and network (e.g. IP address and device ID), and the website will remember that it is you visiting it. We use special text to do this so that we can’t identify you as a real person.

Your parent or guardian will have given us all the information we need so you do not need to tell us anything more. Please don’t give us any private information about you or your family or friends.  

Why does ISC keep information about you?
To use information about you , we must have a good reason, called the ‘lawful basis for processing’. If you are under 18 we ask your parent or guardian to say ‘yes’ to us having your information. This is ‘giving consent’ and is the lawful basis for processing. Because your parent or guardian has said ‘yes’ we can use the information in the ways that we’ve told you and your parent or guardian about.

For over 16’s you are able to say ‘yes’ and give consent to us having information about you. Because you have said yes, we can use the information in the ways that we’ve told you and your parent or guardian about. Even if you are over 16 we will generally still ask your parent or guardian as well.

You or your parent or guardian can always change your mind about us keeping your information. To change your mind, you or your parent or guardian just need to let us know.

Do you have to give ISC your information?
A lot of the information we ask you for we need to be able to let you skate. You can still choose to not let us have your information; it just means we might not be able to do all the amazing things we can for you. We will always tell you what information we need from you and why we need it. Then you can choose what to tell us and what not to.

How do we protect your information?
All of your information is stored securely. We use a coaching management system called Coacha. You can find out more about how Coacha protect your information by looking at their privacy policy here

We keep your information in the UK. If we do have to store it outside of these areas, we only send it to countries the UK government have said are safe and using the special protection the government says is okay like a special contract known as the standard contractual clauses.

If you want to know more about how to protect your information and your computers and devices against fraud, identity theft, viruses and many other online problems, please visit

Who do we share your information with?
We try not to share your information with anyone but sometimes we must. The law might mean we have to share information, for example the police might need some information to help them catch a criminal. We will only give them the information they have to have to do their job.

If you are an artistic skater who is also a member of FARS we share our information with FARS to make sure that their records are up to date and to let them know if you want to enter competitions.

How long do we keep your information for?
We only keep your information for as long as you are a member of ISC. If you decide to leave, we will keep your information for one year in case you decide to come back or have any questions for us, after that we will delete it.

Your Rights
The law says that you can:

  • ask us what information we have about you;
  • change any of your information if it is wrong e.g. you move house;
  • ask us to delete your information ;
  • ask us to stop doing anything with your information; and
  • tell us you aren’t happy with how we are keeping or using your information.

You can do all of these either by:

  • getting your parent or guardian to change your information on Coacha; or
  • letting us know by your parent or guardian emailing

If we do something wrong, you can complain about us to the Information Commissioners Office (ICO). the ICO are the people who protect everyone’s privacy rights in the UK. You can find out more about them here

Get in touch
We want the best for you, so if you have any questions about your personal information or want to just ask us a question then please get in touch by emailing If you are under 16 your parent or Guardian would need to do this.

If you are over 16 then you can email us at We think it would be best if you talked to your parent or guardian first and that you send any emails from their account.