Go Sk8

Go Sk8 is Ipswich Skating Clubs own learn to skate program.

The program is broken down into 4 level of difficult or ‘grades’, which each grade progressively becoming more challenging.
Participants start their journey in Grade 1, the lowest level of difficultly and progress through each grade once they can demonstrate competence in each grades activities. Each grade has an area of focus with several activities to master, allowing the skaters to gain confidence and improve until they pass the fourth and final grade, at which point they are ready to move on to either Roller Figure/Speed Skating dependant on their personal preference.

Grade 1 – Safety, control and skating forwards

Grade 2 – Stopping and turning

Grade 3 – Advanced turning and stopping, skating backwards

Grade 4 – Turning from forwards to backwards, cross overs and more advanced backwards skating

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